Top 10 Things to know & love about Red Trike Ice Cream Company

  1. We are Kalamazoo’s first Micro Creamery!
  2. We love selling and serving ice cream, it creates smiles.
  3. We source local, organic and natural ingredients to make small batch, premium level ice cream that we sell at Farmers Markets and public events.
  4. We believe the best cared for, freshly curated ingredients make the best product.
  5. We cater private parties all using a fleet of vintage ice cream tricycles.
  6. We are unique and value relationships.
  7. We believe in building our systems from our neighbors out, creating a strong community.
  8. We are locally owned and operated
  9. We support many other small businesses through our small ice cream factory.
  10. It was the love of cycling and vintage bicycles that was the driving force to get into the Ice Cream biz.